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Cool Mist Humidifiers for Babies [BPA Free]
  • Space Saving Design: Vertical oval shape designed for bedroom nightstand and office desk, fitting narrow space for better air wherever you are.
  • Quiet Operation: Intelligent air inlet design, FCC certificated and BPA FREE you a quiet use, perfect for baby room nursery.
  • Dial Knob Control: Selecting the mist output conveniently for full control of the air you breathe.
  • Easy Refill: lightweight and slim 60oz/1. 8L tank, pick it up with one hand for an easy refill. Provides ideal coverage for bedrooms, offices, and other medium-sized rooms.
  • Powerful Features: 360° nozzle, smart LED indicator, and auto shut-off when waterless and tank lifted up, surrounding you with clean air evenly and safely.
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2.5 Liter BPA-free Humidifiers for Baby
  • Adorable Tabletop Humidifier: This whale shaped humidifier with 2.5L tank provides 30hrs of continuous mist; made of BPA-free material, it is safe & healthy for babies and pregnant moms
  • Soft Night Light: Press and hold the light button to create a gentle glow and smoothly adjust the night light, perfect for night time breastfeeding and to help babies get a restful sleep
  • Quiet Operation: Patented noise reduction technology humidifies the air at just 26dB without beeping, fan running, or water dripping sounds
  • Fragrance Diffuser: Anti-corrosive PP material ensures you can add essential oils to fill your space with an aromatherapy ambience; humidifier also auto shuts off when the water level is low
  • Easy to Clean & Sanitize: Refilling and sanitizing the water tank is a breeze thanks to the 3.6in wide opening water tank, which also provides easy access to clean the empty tank with a wet cloth
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Mini Oil Diffuser 120ml, Easy Use Ultrasonic Air Diffusers
  • A 120ml lightweight mini difusers for essential oils. Easy to take it during trips, doesn’t occupy much desk space. Suit for keeping in a small room or office
  • Colorful Relaxing Nightlight: At the press of one button, the lights go on and changes color, can be adjusted to gradual cycle or one-color fixed mode. Soothing 5 LEDs make this mini oil diffuser looks amazing for kid’s bedroom
  • Dual Fog Settings: Continuous mode provides intense aromatherapy for 4 hours, intermittent mode with working time of 8 hours. With this mini oil diffuser, lovely fragrance uplifts your spirits, perfect for burying stubborn smoking and pet odors
  • Waterless Auto Shut-off & BPA-Free: Safety priority. If the water runs out, this essential oil diffuser and humidifier will auto-shuts off
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Tech: Its inner atomizer plate oscillates 3,500,000 times to dissolve oil mists, which creates more cool and fragrance with aromatherapy by humidifying dry ambient air from this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser
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Small Size Humidifier

Unlike mid-large humidifiers, these "portable" humidifiers are easy and affordable, but still powerful for dry air. Using a small humidifier in your living room or bedroom while you sleep can help prevent dry sinuses and chapped hands and lips, as well as decrease static electricity. Particularly, to ensure babies' safety, all the small-size humidifiers of TaoTronics are cool mist type and are made of BPA-free material.

1. How does a humidifier work for babies?

A humidifier adds much-needed moisture to the air and creates optimal breathing conditions, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably and loosen the build-up of mucus. Since a humidifier adds moisture into dry air, it also helps relieve your baby of irritated, dry skin.

2. What are cool mist humidifiers good for?

Warm-mist and cool-mist humidifiers are equally effective in humidifying the air. By the time the water vapor reaches your child's lower airways, it's the same temperature regardless of whether it started out warm or cool. For children's safety, always use cool-mist humidifiers. Hot water or steam from a warm-mist humidifier or steam vaporizer can burn a child if he or she gets too close. In the event of a spill, hot water might also burn.

3. Should you sleep with a humidifier?

Even if you don't have a cold (it's worse when you do), winter air can dry out your sinuses, lowering your resistance to bacteria and viruses. Winter's discomforts don't have to keep you up at night. There's an easy way to instantly improve indoor air quality for a more comfortable night's sleep: a humidifier. Sleep with a humidifier and wake up with a more comfortable nose—and throat!

4. How close should you sleep to a humidifier?

We recommend placing your humidifier several feet from your bed – a minimum of 3 feet or so is good. We don't recommend placing a humidifier too close to your bed or other occupied areas but not for the reasons you might think. In fact, during cold and sinus congestion times they can actually be very helpful next to your bed!



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