TaoTronics RGB Led Strip Lights Rope Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Decorations (Waterproof, 5050 RGB SMD, 300 LEDs, 44 Key, 60w Adapter, 16.4ft)

TaoTronics RGB Led Strip Lights Rope Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Decorations (Waterproof, 5050 RGB SMD, 300 LEDs, 44 Key, 60w Adapter, 16.4ft)

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  • Led IR remote controller with over charging and short circuit protection, memory function.

  • Our Led light 12v is double layer copper on PCB board to keep the mixed colors more even

  • The ROPE LIGHT has 300 waterproof 5050 RGB SMD Leds in 16.4ft with dimming and brightness controls, suitable for indoor outdoor lighting and décor. Such as kitchen, under cabinet, dining room etc, garden, patio, balcony etc.

  • These color changing leds will change colors and speed automatically, 6 DIY button for 4096 colors.

  • TOP RATED LED STRIP LIGHT on Amazon with 7 years of business experiences, more than 5 million satisfied customers and growing, 12 months warranty + 6 month extended after registration, and 24/7 customer support.

TT-SL007 300 LED Strip Light TT-SL032 Copper LED String light
Model TT-SL007 TT-SL032
Number of LED 300 100
LED type SMD, multi color warm white
Controller 44 Key Remote
IP65 Weatherproof
Power supply 60W 5W
Length 5M / 16.4 feet 10M / 33 feet

Technical Details

Model TT-SL007
model TT-SL007
Type 5050 RGB
No. of LED 300 LEDs
Color Red,blue,green,white,rose red,orange,light yellow,dark yellow,light green,dark green,purple,violet,beige,cyan
Size 44 key Remote Controller
Wattage 60w Power Supply
Voltage 12v

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Two, but you need to have a different power supply if you hook two up together. The rated wattage of the supplied power brick is not enough to run two strips at full power. It would probably work, but the led brightness would be dim. The power brick appears to be a surplus computer power cord, so you can probably find a replacement with the same voltage but higher wattage easily.

Are you putting these on your car...? I ask because it's 13.7v on a car and not 12v. The extra voltage would overdrive the leds and shorten their life. Otherwise just cut the end off the power supply that goes to the controller and splice in your 12v hookup. Be sure to keep your polarity correct. Center on the jack should be positive IIRC.

Yes, BUT very tricky, okay lights come 110 Ac with a transformer the drops it to 12volt DC. Clear as mud!!!

Yes, there are markings every so often, to cut shorter. Do so before removing adhesive backing. And at the right point.