TT-AH003 Ultrasonic Waterdrop Shaped Air Humidifier with Cool Mist

TT-AH003 Ultrasonic Waterdrop Shaped Air Humidifier with Cool Mist

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  • SIMPLY DISCREET: Breathe better. The device's Microporous ceramic cartridge silently filters microorganisms, calcium, and magnesium ions and infuses your room with clean and moisturized air. No need to add any additional oil or fragrance. Just add some water, turn it on, and forget it's there.

  • HIGH/LOW MIST MODE: Easily switch between high and low mist modes. Always get the right mist flow for your needs. No more, no less.

  • LOW WATER PROTECTION: Safety that lasts with TaoTronics. The device smart security system turns it automatically off when the water level is low.

  • LONG-LASTING PLEASURE: Vast 2.5L water tank capacity. Set the humidifier up as it best suits you and get a whole night of sleep without worrying about the water running low.

  • PIECE OF ART: A contemporary water drop design that fits nicely no matter where you put it. Functionality meets style. Get the best of both.

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Model TT-AH003


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