TT-MS001 TaoTronics Fidget Spinner to Relieve Stress and Reduce Anxiety (Greater Stability, Less Noise, Red, Blue, and Yellow Colored Disks, Lightweight, Pocket-Sized, Easy Assembly / Disassembly)

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  • Greater Stability, Less Noise: Enjoy a smooth, friction-free spin for over a minute thanks to the balanced counterweight which eliminates noise and annoyances

  • Premium Quality Colored Disks: Made of the primary colors, each disk won't warp or crack for a long life of endless spins

  • Relieve Stress, Reduce Anxiety: A unique coping strategy to distract the mind to better deal with stress, anxiety, and boredom

  • Calm Yourself Anywhere, Anytime: Lightweight, pocket-sized, and easy to use, find your peace wherever you go

  • Easy Assembly for DIY Fun: Take it apart and put it back together for an easy DIY project


Model TT-MS001
Greater Stability, Less Noise
While fidget spinners are designed to help those with concentration or stress issues, a poorly designed one will just annoy everyone around you.
Introducing the TaoTronics TT-MS001 Fidget Spinner with stainless steel bearings.
Finely designed with a balanced counterweight, each friction-free spin lasts over a minute and is virtually noiseless so you can have fun without annoying those around you.

Premium Quality Colored Disks
Each fidget spinner offers something special and TaoTronics'spinner is no exception with a kaleidoscopic blend of colors.
Featuring a red, blue, and yellow disk that won’t warp or crack, delight in a wheel of colors with each spin.

Relieve Stress, Reduce Anxiety
Not simply a toy, the TaoTronics fidget spinner offers a unique coping strategy for those with a lot on the brain.
Spin it, twirl it, or play with it to better deal with stress, anxiety, or boredom so you can focus on what is important.

Calm Yourself Anywhere, Anytime
Lightweight and pocket-sized, grab it and take wherever you go.
This easy to use spinner will help you find peace of mind no matter if you are alone at home, bored at school, or stuck in a hectic office.

Easy Assembly for DIY Fun
Not merely a method to distress or unwind, the fidget spinner allows you to put on your DIY hat.
Easy to take apart and put back together, young children can tackle their first DIY project without problems.

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